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Telesom Company Lounches ZAAD SERVICE

Telesom Company lounches mobile money based on new technology and a unique design platform. ZAAD Service is designed to enable customers to do banking transaction without visiting a bank branch. REGISTRATION IS FREE..


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    With ZAAD, customers can:
  • enjoy with the protected and secured GSM Network of Telesom Co.
  • have strict procedures for their transactions (e.g. Password, PIN codes, and Randomly generated codes).
  • manage his/her account by changing PIN codes, reporting lost SIM in case of theft...
  • settle their financial accounts with uptodate statements for their transactions.
  • have unique SIM cards to protect and secure your monetary transaction.
  • And more... 

Latest Services

Nov 4 2009 - a web based Account Management for ZAAD Customers presented by ZAAD Service main office!

May 18 2009 - Telesom Company officialy lounched ZAAD Service!